Welcome to Spirit Quest

Hey, welcome.

I have attempted a blog quite a few times, published it and then took it down out of fear, fear of judgement. I am working on overcoming my fears and living more fully in my truth. Being who I am instead of who I think I should be.

I am a human full of mistakes and many seemingly bad choices, but I also have made amazing choices and I grow and learn every day. I have grown so, so much in my life. I have gone from being completely blinded & naive to eyes wide open and seeing the realities around me. I now am entering a new creative phase. Working with myself and the universe to create my life the way I choose. Co-creating. It’s pretty fun so far, a total experiment.  It also is a LOT of mental work.

My truth is a mixture of terrible events and truly magnificent events. After years of analyzing it all, I have come to see the balance in them. I have experienced darkness and light, in balanced proportions. I would go so far to say that the darkness has led me to the light. It sounds so dramatic, but it is true. The darkness is our path to the light. It’s the way, but we need to look for the path within it. The signs can be hidden, but… “Seek and ye shall find.”.

I open myself up to the possibilities. Let go of fear and allow my becoming.

“Change will occur, when the pain of staying the same, out weighs the pain of change.”

When you’re ready to join me on this journey, please do!

Many Blessings,