Real Success

I want you to know that the first thing regarding success that you need to acquire is a sense of success within your being.

A sense of accomplishment. This is not about financial success, because you can literally have millions and, millions of dollars and lack the internal feeling of success and remain miserable. Money will not bring you happiness so it is very important wherever you’re at, if you have money or if you dont have money, to find the happiness first.

Because that is the true meaning of life. Financial success is not the true meaning of life. It is a lie. That is society, which is all well and good and desirable yes, because we want to have all the things and enjoy our lives, BUT, if you do not have this feeling already within you, no amount of money will buy it. No amount of things will give you the feeling.

You need to find this place, and then you can appreciate any environment that you happen to be in. Be it modest or opulent. You will appreciate a palace and a simple garden. You will live your life in that place.

So my goal is to help you to find within you that palce of peace and gratitude.  It doesn’t come easy at first, and if you have had a lot of hardships like I have, It can be a challenge, but there are ways, there are new paths you can create, and we can make it happen. This is about gratitude, forgiveness, thankfulness, peace and love. Self love.

Self love is number one, because if you dont have that, you’ve got nothing else.

That’s my thought for today.


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