Life as Art

May 21st 2019

I believe we come to this planet as a soul inhabiting this body which is essentially our “mech” and we are here to experience this planet and to create. The way that we create is art. From the buildings to the relationships to the actual art, like paintings, to the clothing that you wear, your whole life is you art project. So, you have to come from the heart for art. Haha!  It sounds so cliche, but truly, that is why we are here!

We are not here to work and pay our bills, although that is built into our system in like here in America. But it is essential for your happiness to overide societies expectations, come from your heart and create your life as a 100 year piece of art. Everything from your workspace to your relationships, to the clothing that you wear to the people that you hang out with, to the tangible legacy that you will leave behind for other people to grow upon.

We are another layer of existence and there will be another layer on top of us.  They will have nothing to grow on if we leave nothing. So it essential that we tell our stories. Our stories are part of our art! Part of our existence. Each one of us is a piece of art that G-d has placed here as a gift to us, to the us that is our soul.  This earthly life, our artfully created human body, is a gift to our soul! Come down here and play! Be artistic, enjoy the beauty around you, live your life as a gift of art. Use life to inspire others, to help lift others up and to just experience this planet & others creations.

It is so essential for the happiness of each individual to live in an artistic way I believe. So if you dont have any art in your life, Go get some! Go make some, create it!

Actually I take that back because if youre alive there is no way that you don’t have something that you are creating. If you’re alive, you are creating. Whatever it is. That is your art!

Some people create dark and moody, some create light and airy, some like a balance of that, some people like both. Some people like green, some like blue. And that is your creation! You can do watever you want.

The only rule, is the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Let me put that another way, because I heard that my whole life and never truly understood it. I just gave and gave, more than my capacity and I tapped myself out. So let’s put it another way.  Don’t do anything to cause harm to others. Do whatever you want, but don’t do anything to cause harm to others.

That leaves a lot of stuff wide open. So go out there and enjoy it. I am going to enjoy it today and that’s my thought for the day.

Okay, bye!




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