Good and Bad

“Good” and “bad” are just subjective interpretations of the balance of the universe and not actually good or bad. Just balance.

Imagine you’re on a seesaw, going up and down, now imagine with every up and down movement you send out a trail, like waving a ribbon in the breeze. All of a sudden you have a wavelength. Now imagine the seesaw begins to twirl as it goes up and down. Spinning and bouncing, it is a spherical movement, that ripples in all directions. This is what life is like. Like a sound wave or water droplet wave. A spherical energy wave sculpture.

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions, for some, the ride is crazy, for others the ride is calm. It all depends on where you decide to sit on your seesaw. Your spherical wave sculpture.

Sitting on the very edge of the seesaw, where the difference is the greatest, will give you the most intense ride. Laughing hard, crying hard too. See, what goes up must come down, that is the balance of our universe, so mind bending-ly intricate. And so we have yin and yang, heavily and light, black and white, up & down.

Back to the seesaw. If me move in a little closer to the center of the seesaw, our ride gets a little bit less dramatic. We are still going up and down, just now, it’s a bit more calm. We are still going up and down, in equal distances. This is the balance.

Now if we move even closer to the middle, we begin to be able to sit still. Calm in the middle of the storm. Both sides are going up and down. And there is calm in the center.

If we move out to the edge, our experiences can jostle us around dramatically, from super highs to super lows. So you can bet that the people you see having amazingly lovely times have had unbelievably terrible times as well. The balance.

Our emotional reactions to our surroundings & circumstances & relationships, create our seating position on the seesaw. Are we at the edge, or are we more toward the middle. Riding on the edge is not for the faint of heart, It’s wild up and down. but in order to appreciate the calm of the middle, we need to experience the volatility or the edge. By embracing the volatility, we can rise above the edge and begin to sit in the middle.

Sitting in the middle we begin to realize that the events taking place around us, don’t NEED to take us for a ride! That is our voluntarily chosen seat. And now we can CHOOSE to sit in the middle. Experience life but without the drastic behaviors. We can observe and learn, without getting bent out of shape. Watching things happen, that maybe we don’t like so much, but that if we just wait a bit, this too shall pass. And then we override the upset part. We override the angry, pouting, mean part. We relax, in the middle of that seesaw. Just sit, watching others go for a wild ride! But know, you will level out both the up and the down. Not just the down. Yin Yang.

We can enjoy the high and low by observing. Watching and listening. Then we can gain peace, that rests in the middle, while still enjoying life. We no longer have to go on the wild ride, we can appreciate it from afar. Witness from a place of peace.

This is rising above it all. Rising above hardships and rising above the volatility of life. Rising about the madness. Pulling up and pulling out. Letting it all go. Let it go.

Let your attachments to all outcomes go. Just observe. Be still and take it all in, learn, evolve, center your thoughts. Then watch the madness from the eye of the storm.

Sit in the middle of the seesaw. Obtain peace. Freedom from the insanity of our current society. Override all that. On purpose. With the intention to evolve into something greater. Be someone not so easily manipulated. Someone who has control of their thoughts, who owns their responsibility and sees their power. Be that person.

It’s not and easy task to just be. It takes a lot of work and is not for the faint of heart.

Just like I said before. Yin and Yang is like that. Balance. Choices.

Where will you sit on the seesaw?

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