Fear, the Great Lie

In my research of spirituality & abuse, I go pretty deep into the tunnel sometimes, deeper than most would go, but dang I am just so curious. So I came across lots of discussions about Disney, it’s programing and such. So I watched lot’s of Disney movies and looked at them differently, attempting to figure it out why were they “bad”.  Disney movies are pretty good actually, generally a hero, of sorts, defeating a villan, of sorts. I could not see the problem. It’s pretty good stuff!

I’ve been sitting with it and sitting with it, like for years…. really. (Maybe I’m just slow) But diving deeper into the tunnel I found some information stating that the “program” is so deeply ingrained that we wouldn’t even recognize it even if we were told. It’s a way of life. Ushered in from generation to generation, as factual. What could that possibly be? I think I got it. The base program. The foundation of the whole thing. Good vs Evil.

Good vs Evil. Separateness. Fighting. War.

Seriously. AND, this was just again affirmed to me as I was reading a book called “Voices in the Ocean” by Susan Casey. In this book, she quotes neuroscientist Lori Marino talking about the dolphin brain, and the von Economo Neurons,  “This could be an animal that takes sociality to a whole other level, there is some sort of cohesiveness in them, a very strong sense that if something happens to the group, it happens to you.”  Togetherness. She is talking about how the presense of these spindle neurons in the dolphin brain is so tremendous that they feel and are acting as one unit.

You see, most of the movies we ingest and are “programed” to show us good and evil and the war between the two. This is almost every movie! Almost. This creates fear. Fear that is a lie. Because the truth is that we are all connected. The problem is that we humans create what we think about! And so we watch good and evil and go and create it. A self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. And endless cycle.

So why this plot to create fear? I haven’t gotten that far yet. If you know, please enlighten me. To keep us depressed, anxiety ridden, suicidal? My mind goes to fear eaters. (yes, really.)

So how do we fix this? Well, I’d say we can start by hugging each other, having compassion for one another and realizing that we are all going through this together. Stop watching! This is the hardest thing! Because now we are addicted to the drama! I know many people addicted to drama, they literally create it! I was one of them for a long time! But I am breaking free, freer and freer every day. Use your brain power to control your thoughts of fear and separation. There is no good vs evil, there is only balance!  In short, think happy fun, kind thoughts! is it that easy? Yes and no. Simple, yes. But we will all need to override generations of programming. We will need diligence. Fortitude. Resilience. Comapassion. Determination.

You know, so many times I have the urge to hug someone, and I stop, because I fear, they dont want a hug from me. Why would anyone want a hug from me? Do you feel that too? You must. I am guessing that is part of the program at work. Separateness.

We humans have those same spindle neurons that dolphins have, only we have beed programed out of them, split from each other by fear. Dolphins havent been “programed” out of their connectivity.

So, if you see me around, feel free to give me a hug, I promise I will hug you back. We are of the same pod, you and I, humans. We are connected. Let’s override the system with compassion and kindness and hugs.

To hell with the lie of fear.


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