Respecting Ourselves & Our Female Prowess

How can we embrace our feminine power & sexuality, while also not “asking for it” as the saying goes.

The answer is mindset.

Imagine Erin Brockovich, dressed all sassy and taking no shit. Now imagine a woman dressed the same, but with the feelings of insecurity. And there you have it, it’s that simple. How you feel about yourself is everything.

You can dress as sexy as you like if you are secure in your power as a woman and when you have well established boundaries. When we think of ourselves as powerful beings of creation, worthy and deserving of love gratitude and a great amount of respect, I believe that the type of man who abuses women would be scared away. He will sense that he can’t dominate us, control us or hurt us.

Being secure in who we are and what we have to offer is the most powerful place to live from. Knowing the gift we possess as women to create, to bring life to our surroundings, standing in this truth, our truth, it doesn’t matter what we wear, abusers will beware. They will sense your energy, your internal power and they will steer clear.

If we are looking for approval or a man to want us, desperately seeking “the one”, if we feel insecure at all on any level, our short skirt is an invitation to the most shallow kind of attention from the most insecure men. And we’ve accepted it. Because deep in our hearts, we feel we don’t deserve more, for reasons that are as many as we are! We have lived  life in this groveling position, not realizing all we have to offer, thinking we had nothing to give, and everything to get, hoping we could find a man to love us, begging them to love us. Accepting all types of abuse along the way, in the name of love.

We were taught to give and give. That somehow that wasn’t enough. That somehow

It is all in our minds. Our mindset. Our thoughts about ourselves & our emotions are our navigation system. We need to stop looking outside for approval and instead look within, trust and believe in ourselves, hold ourselves high, command respect from the inside out. Then we can rock that sassy outfit with fierceness, and all those wild dogs will run with their tail between their legs.

Lord help me, I wish I knew then what I know now.






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