Real Balance

We are all so blessed to be here and experience life on this planet. 

The universe is a dynamic balance of creation and destruction. It’s like when my child builds a Lego set, only to destroy it and use the pieces again and again to create more, new and interesting things. This is our life! It is not supposed to be “happy” all the time. You don’t need to FIND balance. Life is already in balance, and nature will hold it there. We are here to experience and create again and again on this planet. 

So if you are in a place of destruction, look around you and locate those pieces that you can use to rebuild and re create. That’s your path, my fellow beings. I hope you find those gems & create something beautiful.

Finding balance in your life does not mean that you create equal amounts of time for different activities, thereby by creating balance. Finding balance in your life, is to find the place where you can sit still, in the middle of the  turmoil of life, and observe the balance that is, without being taken for a ride on the emotional rollercoaster. It’s like sitting in the middle of the seesaw. You see the up and down, the creating and destruction, the “good and bad”, but you yourself remain peaceful and calm. Observing with gratitude and awe, the power of life. From this seat, you can see clearly that “heaven” is actually right here on Earth. 

We take so much for grated here on Earth. If there is an imbalance on this planet, it is directly caused by humanity. By the mass number of humans who remain un awake & living in the ongoing programing. It is our duty to wake up and realize the beauty of our planet, the perfection and balance, and to not work so hard as we do to throw it out of whack. Mother Nature will be in balance. Until she decides to remake this planet into some other creation. 

Lets not push her shall we? Instead, maybe we can get out of her way and allow her to create. Maybe we can see the perfection and not mess with it. Maybe we can be a part of the beauty, wake up to our own divinity. You were made perfect already. Everything was and is whole and perfect and beautiful and ever changing. 

Enjoy it! Stop fretting! Look around you & witness the creation!


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