I wrote this two years ago. I never shared it, out of straight fear. 


I am no longer the woman I was a year ago. Each minute I am growing and evolving.

This year, 2017 was such an amazing uncovering of the evils that men do to women. No, it is not always this way, but it is the majority. You rarely find women sexually assaulting men, gang raping them, drugging them and fucking them when they are unconscious. Let’s be serious here.

Men do this to women.

The flood of women coming out is amazing. Incredible. There’s is a shift in consciousness when women awaken and say “we will be free and we will be fierce” You can not hurt me anymore.

To hurt someone they have to care. But when you realize that you are NOT your earthly body, noting can harm you. You transcend the evil of this world, you become brave and bold, because you are eternal light. You ARE free. You ARE fierce. That you are otherwise is the lie that permeates society in order to keep us down.

Break free. Rise up and greet yourself.  You are magnificent.


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