Embracing Your Power

When I was young, I used to LOVE puzzles. LOVE! I would spend hours working them out, piece by piece. Over the years the puzzles I would get would have smaller and smaller pieces as I challenged myself more and more. But there was one thing that would happen ocasionally that would cause me to really lose my mind. A missing piece! I would work days, sometimes weeks on a puzzle and get to the very end, nearly complete, only to find out that there was a piece missing!!! ARRGG! The entire puzzle was basicly trash! Oh I can feel the frustration still!

Now imagine our world, our universe, God’s creation. Each and every one of us, each and every being, is a piece to this vast, dynamic puzzle of the universe, without one piece, the puzzle can not be finished. Realize, that you are an important piece, one of the many, yes, but absolutley necesary for the whole picture. And you have been given free will to create your dynamic piece and to interweave it with all the other pieces.

Many people are un-aware that we actually have this power, that our words, our thinking, creates. We go about our day with blinders on, like little, terrible two toddlers, wrecking the place, saying whatever pops into our minds, unaware of the harm that we are causing. Unaware of consequences. And when bad things show up, we are possibly thinking “That’s not my fault!” and we point fingers all around.

Newsflash. It is your fault. Your world is your fault. Your responsibility. How you choose to see and think and create your world is your dynamic puzzle piece. Your choice! You can wreak havoc or create peace. Create your life by being truthful with yourself, listen to your heart. Create with kindness for others, your fellow beings, whao are also needed puzzle pieces, are also creating.

Your life has been put into your hands, a gift. You have been given the power to create with your choices. It is such an amazing power, choice. But know that what you allow others to do in your sphere is also a choice! You can create rules and boundaries for your sphere, you can create a place of joy, where only those who are joyful are allowed, or you can create turmoil, which will atract other who are in turmoil. Or you can choose to be a haven, where others can gain something. It truly is a game. One that was created for us to play, that we create on this material level.

Each and every word that you think, that comes out of your mouth is creating your puzzle pieces, your dynamic interconnected sphere of a piece. We are all connected, to eachother to the earth and to the universe. If we can begin to create our sphere with kindness to ourselves and one another, we can together change the picture of our entire puzzle from a dark and violent scene, to a scene of peace and joy, connectivity, and fullfillment. One by one, sphere by sphere, kindness by kindness.

You were given this power, it’s part of the game. Choice. Choose wisely. Game on!

©KristinAnderson Yes.

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