My Life Study

Although I love nature, I live in the city. I have for years. Oddly I still feel nature is my home and I feel very connected to nature. But, I live in an apartment building, in Los Angeles. One of the largest cities there is. I don’t like being too far into the woods because I get….. scared. Not scared of animals or creatures, but scared of other humans that may be there. All close minded and brutal. (Too many horror movies? It’s possible.) I am being very honest right now. I am scared of humans. There are so many mean, brutal & broken ones. And I am very near ashamed to be one of them.

Fear. There you are. And I thought I had escaped.

I am not totally afraid of every human, but I clearly have more healing ahead of me. I think this is why I love my job. I photograph people. I am a photographer. I capture real moments, hopefully of joy. That’s my favorite. Show me some joy! Show me something real, something… happy! Show me hope and possibility, because sometimes, I am drowning in the awfulness of it all.

I need you! I need you to come sit with me, tell me your intimate details, let me see our connections. I will capture all that is you, for you. It’s a study for me. I am studying humans. Looking for the good stuff, the truth, the brokeness, the love, the realness. It’s all right there in your eyes. Comapssion? I would really love to see more of that in everyone.

Show me.

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