New Year, Same Journey

I have been avoiding my computer for a few weeks now. I actually had a dream that I got rid it. Right after I traded it, for some audio equipment, then I traded it right back. I thought, Wait?! I NEED that! I am a photographer and I need that! At the very minimum I need Lightroom and email just to keep up. Then I woke up. Happy to still have my computer.

As this year comes to a close, I am taking a moment of reflection. I have come to so many revelations this year, subtle and powerful. The number one spot goes to releasing. Release! Release! Release! (Maybe why I dreamt I traded my computer for music?) Let go of all the “should” and “shouldn’t”. Relax and release! Be grateful for where you are RIGHT NOW. There is SO much power in this. I can feel that it has the power to change the course of my life.

The mindset for releasing, forgiving, letting go, is so subtle, and to keep it takes some real diligence and thought adjustment. Tiny little adjustments that bring about great change. You are cutting the ties that you have put on yourself, but first you have to find them! Looking within and fishing out the untruths we have ourselves believing is that hard part. Then let them go.

So I began to let go. I let go of people, their actions & reactions, I let go of events and their ripples, I let go of things I think I SHOULD be doing. I let go and just be. As I move into the realm of just being, I realize I have everything. I actually have MORE than I need. I am living in abundance. Wow, that was a powerful mind shift!

Our lives unfold as they are meant to be for our growth. I believe that. We learn the lessons we are meant to learn if we can open ourselves to that. My lessons this year were hard and I fought to learn them, to let go. It was not an easy task and required many, many hours of heavy thinking. But with diligence and determination, the door cracked open for me. My thinking shifted, I learned. I began to feel grateful.

From having gratitude for my abundance, I experienced a synchronicity that was truly beautiful. Literally as if the path I was about to walk, was appearing under my feet. I can not explain it. It was like magic. I have experienced this in my life before a few times. I wrote about one of those times here. But, now I want to be able to access that magical realm at will. Actually, I want to exist there, I want that perfect placement every day. Alignment. Synchronicity. Magic.

I believe that learning is a continual process and not a one time thing, so in this coming year I will work on continuing to let go and release daily and moment by moment, in every aspect of my life. Living with great gratitude for life and all it’s happenings. I will work on creating more with my thinking and enjoying with gratitude more of my current environment. The results of this are tangible.

New Year’s? This New Year’s Eve I will most likely be home with my child, 7. Most likely watching Jurassic Park and playing Legos. Reading and drinking chamomile tea together. Enjoying each others company with no expectations.

Many Blessings, Kristin

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