Fear as Your Guide


Fear is your guide. What are you fearful of? For me, now, one fear is that I wont “make it” on my own. That I need help from someone or somewhere outside of myself just to survive. I fear that I am not enough. So this will be my path of greatest growth. “Making it” on my own. This is what I must do no matter how scary. I am doing it, and am growing every day from this scary task, and the scariness is beginning to fade. I am growing!

I have had major fear and anxiety most of my life. Most of the choices I have made have been out of fear. Choosing because I was afraid to trust myself. Choosing things that I thought I should choose instead of jumping out and choosing from my heart. Choosing to please others, modifying myself so as not to upset others. This has taken my life on a path of darkness. So how is fear the path to growth? 

Find your greatest fear, and face it down. When you overcome, you will grow. Face your fears head to head, open heart, open eyes and all your strength. This is a MENTAL exercise. You must face yourself mentally and emotionally. Spiritually. This is an active ongoing exercise. This is NOT a one time thing, it’s a lifelong process. This is what you are here to do, grow.  I am doing it right now as I write this. My fear is screaming in my head….. Who do you think you are? You don’t know anything! You have nothing to offer. Other people have done this better than you and before you. You’ll just be scattered. You don’t know how to write. You have nothing to say.  You are nobody. And it goes on and on. 

Each of these thoughts comes from a lifetime of negative programing. Programing that we all receive on some level.  I have been attempting to overcome it since I was young, but not very well. I have been taken off the path, many times, on this journey. Distracted with our consumer society, finding a suitable man, youth and beauty, love, outer satisfaction of any sort, stuff, stuff stuff, drugs. Rebellion was my first way to try to break out of the rules that are placed upon me. 

Unfortunately, rebellion without wisdom didn’t take me very far and in fact landed me directly in the path of darkness and fear. I have been in many abusive situations. Literally of all kinds from being punched, to being gang raped, to being ignored completely and more. Throughout all of this, I have had one constant thought. There must be more meaning to my life than this! This!!! This, can not be my life. And so somehow I have figured a way out, a way to rise above, to free myself and a way to greater peace. 

I would not be in the peaceful place I am now were it not for all the fear I have faced down. I am still working on overcoming fear. It is a daily action. Often the true & deep fear is hiding behind another simple fear, and the mental work is to dig deep and find it out. Then Feel that fear, do not turn away, but turn into the fear, sit with it. Cry with it, get angry with it, feel it, and move through it. You will set yourself free and you will grow mountains each and every time. 

Blame. Blaming others is one of the MOST dis-empowering things we can do to ourselves. Blaming others give all of our power away.  It will keep you stuck from here to eternity. You must take all the blame for ALL the conditions of your life. On a certain level your soul has asked for this, in order to grow. Allow it! Own it! Move through it and begin your healing and growth. Only we have the power to change ourselves. All of our power lies within, and fear will point the way to the light on the dark path. 

If you do not face your fears and move through them, you will continue to get the same negative situations in your life, over and over  and over again, until you “get it”.  Get it? Not only that but if you leave these fears unaddressed un-tended to, you will pass them down energetically to your children, and THEY will have to deal with it. 

Go chase down your fears and overcome! You won’t regret it. 

Many Blessings, 


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